5 Surprising Ways You Can Apply Minimalism To Your Life

5 Surprising Ways You Can Apply Minimalism To Your Life

June 21, 2018 0 By minimalismlite

Are you interested in the idea of minimalism but aren’t sure if it could really work for you? Minimalism isn’t just the chic New York apartment or the single leafy plant on a hallway table. It can be, but it can also be so much more. You can apply minimalism to your life in more ways than one.

Minimalism can be personalized to your life

You won’t be a better or worse minimalist than someone else. In fact, finding out what kind of minimalism suits you best may be a huge step in getting to know yourself and finding balance in your life. Or, at the very least you might find ways to reduce stresses and navigate your daily tasks with just a bit more ease.

Minimalism can simply be an attitude

A basic principle of minimalism tells us that less is more. A carefully chosen item, task or relationship can be more valuable than a pile of thoughtlessly acquired ones. Applying this simple concept to your next grocery shop can help you save money and waste less. While if you apply this idea to your investment strategies you might consider passive index funds.

You might gain more from choosing less

Choosing to pursue “less” could lead you down paths of education, self growth and peace that you may not have explored if you hadn’t been just a little bit more mindful than usual. In order to reduce food waste you might get really creative with new recipes. Instead of buying another gardening tool you might borrow one from a neighbour and make a new friend who knows tons about gardening. An aspiring minimalist might even teach his or herself how to make soap or pasta from scratch (please don’t try these at the same time).

Can minimalism work for me?

If you’re still thinking, “I don’t know, does minimalism mean I have to get rid of my vinyl collection?” or “My lifestyle just won’t pass for minimalist, I live in a 6-bedroom house”. Let me assure you, minimalism isn’t just about material items. You can certainly benefit from minimalism in many different parts of your current life. You can borrow and adjust some concepts to make it work for you. After all, designing a life that you enjoy living is the goal!

5 Surprising Ways You Can Apply Minimalism To Your Life

Minimalist Fitness

Not sure if you should lift weights or do cardio? Having trouble fitting in 20 different muscle-targeted exercises into your workout? Keep it simple and minimize the workout plan. Add a daily walk to your routine, or even just 5 minutes of morning stretches. The daily routine will get easier, and you will be impressed with your progress if you stick to it. This will definitely create a foundation of motivation to one-up your workout when you’re ready.

Minimalist Personal Finance

So your coworkers are always talking about Tesla stocks and bitcoin, and all your friends getting mortgages and somehow afford fancy dinners every week. You, however, want a simple solution to personal finance but you want to feel like you’re doing it right. Get turned on by index funds with JLCollins! And for the Canadians, check out the couch potato strategies and which simple portfolios you can easily start with. I love my Tangerine TFSA Index Investment portfolio, and the app is simple and convenient, perfect for us millennials. Minimalism could also lead you down a path of frugality, and that can help you get really creative with your personal finance.

Minimalist Diet

I cannot for the life of me count calories, even with a great app like My Fitness Pal. Counting calories is not how I want to spend my time and it is just mental clutter for me. My one and only successful diet was simple: whole foods, no alcohol, no sugary drinks, no packaged/processed foods (including bread, chips, snacks, anything that comes in a bag or a box really…). There is still tons you can eat, and once you get in the habit of not buying these things, the momentum carries you pretty far. I lost 14 pounds and didn’t have to count calories or learn complicated recipes. I significantly reduced my food waste too!

Minimalist Travel

This one definitely gets easier the more you do it. At first it can make you very nervous to go on a trip without every little thing you think you might need. If you’ve already started decluttering your life you may already be less inclined to carry a bunch of heavy things with you on your next trip. Once you finally learn to pack light your trip will instantly become less stressful. Especially if everything you need is in your carryon and you don’t have to pay to check extra luggage or worry about it getting lost. The lightest I ever travelled was with one backpack on a 5 day trip to Denver for work. It was definitely worth it. I went straight from the airport to the Botanical Gardens, and then took a bus downtown and wandered around all without dragging a suitcase behind me.

Minimalist Social Calendar

There is no question I am an introvert. I am also a people pleaser. So even though I find social events and small talk to cost a disproportionate amount of my daily energy, I often say yes to my friends. Filling your calendar with social events and obligations can be daunting when you realize you don’t have a single free weekend all summer. Your calendar clutter is going to freak out your brain just as much as your home clutter. My calendar is slightly less full nowadays. I know myself a little better and I know I need time to recharge and refocus. A weekend without plans is extremely enjoyable.


There are so many more ways you can declutter your life and have a positive impact on your well being. If you to apply minimalism to your life you’re more likely to succeed if you choose a way that works for you and is beneficial to your lifestyle and goals.

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