About Me

Hello! My name is Mel and I am on a journey to declutter my space and my brain.

If you are like me you may have discovered the appeal of living simply and decluttering, and maybe you are looking for some actionable tips, or you just want to follow my journey!

Some facts about me

  • I am a young female living in Canada, just outside of Toronto where the rent is still high
  • I have a Master’s Degree of Science and have been working my first corporate job in financial services for the last 2.5 years
  • I have no experience as a writer
  • I used to buy too much stuff

Some fun facts about me

  • I have discovered I am fond of wine, and no I don’t think a healthy stash of wine is hoarding
  • I used to play Roller Derby, it was incredibly challenging and one day I will go back
  • I am taking piano lessons, I like to tell people I have very dexterous fingers because of typing all day
  • I love to laugh and laugh a lot at my own jokes

I visited Nevada! Canada doesn’t have a desert.

Why minimalism?

I think minimalism can be applied to so many different parts of life. Just by learning about it and keeping it in the back of your mind can help you learn about your relationship to too much or too little of something in your life. Learning how you react and feel in those situations can help you decide how you want to experience those moments. I think this is a form a meditation, right? … okay but I won’t turn this into a blog about meditation.

Why lite?

Well, lite sounds hip and cool, right?  Definitely. But what I meant was that we can explore minimalism in little ways without getting overwhelmed. And you can choose how you pursue it, no you don’t have to live out of one backpack. But if you wan’t to that sounds great!

I know minimalism won’t be achieved overnight, especially with my long history of impulse purchases, low quality fast-fashion, and a “treat yo-self” personal motto. Yes… I have said this out-loud while tapping my credit card at the mall.

Out with the old, in with the less

Ultimately, I think minimalism will mean something different to everyone. For me I think it will be about letting go of things that do not serve a purpose or that create negativity in my life. 

I created this blog to keep myself accountable and share some of my successes and struggles. My goal is to track my decluttering progress, work on my writing and communication skills, travel more with less, and simplify my life. 

I plan to post about all sorts of changes I am making and researching. This will include travel, finances, health and wellness, and my ongoing struggle with consumerism. Check out my Twitter and Instagram!

Let’s work towards minimalism in small steps, and try not to get overwhelmed. This is minimalism lite, a tiny dose of simplicity.

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