Minimize Your Makeup Collection By Being Honest

Minimize Your Makeup Collection By Being Honest

June 12, 2018 2 By minimalismlite

It may be time to minimize your makeup collection but it seems a little overwhelming. Makeup can slowly become a very large category in need of decluttering and you ask yourself how did you fill two drawers and two boxes with it?

Some people feel makeup boosts their self esteem, some people can apply it like artists. For me, it was always a bit exciting to order a new, shiny eyeshadow palette. I will admit I have usually been a sucker for advertising and am no stranger to an online flash sale. There are even some products in my collection that cause me guilt because I bought them when I didn’t need them. I wanted the large, unused collection to stop weighing me down.

It’s hard to tackle a large collection that has snuck up on you like dust bunnies under a couch. Sometimes its hard to get rid of products that you have barely used or have never even tried! I am guilty of this.

Be honest, leave the guilt behind and purge! Minimize your makeup and be excited to use your favourites!

How I Got Rid of 5 Pounds of Makeup

minimize your makeup

Believe it or not this collection has already been purged twice.

Gather all your makeup into one place. Yes all of it. This is a Marie Kondo method, and I promise it will be worth seeing it all together. You will get very motivated to declutter and you can easily see duplicates.


declutter makeup collection

The hardest to get rid of in this pile was the sample size Tarte blush. I am finally letting go of it because the powder is shattered and it is a hassle to use.

Toss the obvious duds. These are the expired samples, the lipstick colours that are just wrong, and the lip balm that’s starting to smell like wax. Make a nice pile of discards and see how well you are doing. Good job!


makeup downsize

Create groups of the remaining items. Group together the categories that you do use, for me this was foundations and powders, blushes and bronzers, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeshadow and brushes.


minimize makeup

Most days I leave the house with just mascara and some eyebrow pencil! Why do I need a mountain of makeup? Why did I let my collection grow? These are the hard questions.

Choose the items you are going to use tomorrow morning before you leave for work. Be honest. This is tough, but if you are honest with yourself you will have a small collection of items you actually use. My list consists of:

  • brown eyebrow pencil
  • black gel eyeliner (I wear this everyday and might get cosmetic tattoo liner)
  • a light coverage foundation powder
  • blush
  • mascara

(Optional) Keep some loved extras for special occasions. If this is your first makeup declutter, some items might not be cut. It can take a few tries before you really realize what you don’t use and that’s okay. This blog is about taking it slow. Give yourself permission to dip your toes in the excitement of decluttering, but don’t force it if it feels bad. You’ll find the balance that’s right for you. The extras I kept include:

  • 50% of my eyeshadow palettes
  • eyelid primer
  • SPF 35 BB cream I use when I will be outdoors most of the day
  • a slightly out of my comfort zone lip stain that looks great at rock concerts


I had a huge makeup collection, but if you met me you wouldn’t have guessed because I barely wear it. This is how I knew it was time for me to downsize because I finally understood which products I use and love.

Committing to this purge was all thanks to this blog. There were even things I got rid of because I didn’t want to have to post about it (that’s exactly why I started this journey).  I am happy to report that I feel very energetic about this change.

Reclaim your drawer space and your head space. Minimize your makeup as a tiny step toward simple living.

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